9th International Conference on Material Sciences (CSM9)

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Date: August 26 – 28, 2015

Location: ENSIC, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France


Chairman of the Conference: Prof. Tayssir HAMIEH, Lebanese University, Lebanon, tayssir.hamieh@ul.edu.lb ; chairman@csm-lb.com; Phone : 00 961 5 472 119 ; Cel.: 00 961 3 968 850,  Fax : 00 961 5 472 124

Coordinator of the Conference: Prof. Joumana Toufaily, Lebanese University, Lebanon, joumana.toufaily@ul.edu.lb ; Coordinator@csm-lb.com


Secretariat: Secretariat@csm-lb.com

Dr. Halima Alem-Marchand, halima.alem@univ-lorraine.fr, phone: 00 33 6 29 36 58 91

Prof. Bachar Koubaissy, bachar.kobaissy@ul.edu.lb phone: 00 961 70 68 03 29

Prof. Houssam Obeid, houssamobeid@hotmail.comphone: 00 961 71 22 60 11


Symposium I: Materials, Nanomaterials and New Materials

Chairman: Prof. Jacques Lalevée, University of Mulhouse, France, jacques.lalevee@uha.fr

1. Industrial Innovations in Material Engineering and New Materials

2. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

3. Multi-Materials and Composite Materials

4. Inorganic Porous Organized Materials

5. Inverse Gas Chromatography for characterization of materials

6. Materials for Catalysis

7. Properties of Surfaces and Interfaces, and Adhesion of Materials

8. Textiles Materials

9. Polymer and Organic Materials

10. Asphaltic Materials.

11. High Performance Materials.


Symposium II: Materials and Bio-Engineering, Chemical, and petrochemical engineering, Photocatalysis and Photodynamic Therapy, Colloids, Environment, Food technology

Chairman: Prof. Hussein Zbib, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, WSU, USA, zbib@wsu.edu

12. Biomedical Engineering, Bio-Materials,

13. Materials, Membranes and chemical and petrochemical engineering

14. Photocatalysis and Photodynamic Therapy

15. Colloidal dispersions and industrial applications

16. Materials and Environmental Chemistry and Pollution of Earth

17. Treatment of Waters and Solid Wastes and Recycling Materials

18. Geology and Material Sciences

19. Valorization of Industrial and Agricultural Wastes

20. Materials and Food Technology

21. Quality Controls of Materials

22. Smart Materials


Symposium III: Materials and Renewable Energies, Mechanical, Electrical, Optical Properties, Mathematical Modelling, Simulation, and Computational Methods


Prof. Boumédiène Benyoucef, University of Tlemcen, Algeria, benyoucef_boumediene@yahoo.fr

Prof. Jean-François Ganghoffer, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France, jean-francois.ganghoffer@ensem.inpl-nancy.fr

23. Materials, Solar Cells and Energy

24. Construction Materials and Civil Engineering

25. Optic, Electric and Magnetic Properties of Materials

26. Mechanical Properties of Materials, Durability and fatigue

27. Metallic Materials

28. Ceramics and applications

29. Mathematical Modelling in Materials

30. Numerical analysis and Simulation

31. Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation.

32. Theoretical aspects of materials.

33. Computational Methods.

34. Materials Education

With the fidelity of our colleagues from the various countries, we continue to develop our CSM conference for the nineth time and more collaboration between universities and research laboratories of the different countries were established and more developed.


The Chairman of CSM Conference

Prof. Tayssir Hamieh

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